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Friday, 4 June 2010

life after philosophy BA

Well the last dissertations are in and the last exam has been sat. far from feeling like it is all over, i have the worrying suspicion that its all just beginning. the world of work beckons and it is a hostile looking environment. The need to 'sell' oneself to employers is contrary to my firm belief that it is better to remain humble. The enforced pigeonholing of oneself to fit the requirements of application forms or the horrors of writing a cv...all so you can be competitive. its a whole mess of egoistic bullshit that i would rather starve, than buy into.

Don't get me wrong. i'm not averse to hard work but doing a job is a means to an end. the crucial thing is not to give up so much of yourself that you lose sight of why you were doing it; of who you are ; and this is the problem. what should I do for a living? what is it that i'm already the perfect guy for? not 'what do i need to change about myself in order to get a job in which i subsequently live in fear of being found out for not being one of them?'.

My hair is long. my mistrust of authority is razor sharp. my wits are keen (except perhaps in the early morning) my capacity for abstract thought and problem solving are pretty good and i tend to obsess over things to the detriment of my social skills. These are not exactly positives.
I am a highly moral freethinker who works best when left to get on with things and i don't handle teamwork very well. I can follow orders but never without questioning the underlying reasons for them. This is sensible in my view but not popular in the workplace often.

Any suggestions? i'd much rather work hard for someone i like, than be a wage slave to some asshole who is more concerned about the way i work than the quality of the work i do.

we really need to reorganize the systems of labor in society to something that is more conducive to wierd people who don't fit the mould. this is where our creative energies find expression in the form of innovation and progress and the current systems stifle that creativity at every step of the way. we just get more of the same unoriginal ideas regurgitated and the weird and unconventional is suppressed.

In the coming weeks i'll be sticking some of my dissetations up here...edited heavily since i've had some more time to think about my arguments in them; though not before results are announced since i don't want to have the hassle of being accused of plagarising from myself. There is some writing on wittgensteins tractatus, Early Marx in a Buddhist perspective, and some thoughts on Rorty, conventionalism and truth in fiction with reference to Nagarjuna and buddhist philosophers of the Madhyamika Prasangika.

I'm also enjoying gettting back into reading heavily and will hopefully get around to posting some other thoughts on here at various times.

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