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Sunday, 30 August 2009

where i've been

sorry for the long gap between posts...

its been a busy time moving house and i have been busy on some other projects.

in the pipeline are some transcripts of teachings i am doing from some mini-discs i have on Buddhist Tantric practice...unfortunately these are only going to be available to those who have recieved the necessary initiations.

Also on the backburner at present is a kind of open letter to the people of earth, in which i try to put the world to rights by way of a "to whom it may concern" type compaint letter....i see it more as an ongoing project, since the section on religeon, atheism, religious conflict and the middle east ran to about a chapter in length. its going to take heavy editing and im trying to avoid it being just a rant; ideally if i put a few simple well thought ideas out there that make a difference then it's done its job. i don't intend it to be a serious piece of social political philosophy but i would like to integrate some of my own philosophical perspective into it. In essence i want to force myself to examine where, what i see as problems in mainstream western philosophy, have engendered an outlook that is at the very root of many of the problems experienced by many of us during our short time on this tiny lump of rock orbiting the sun....and more importantly to apply what little understanding i have of buddhist philosophy to providing some simple things we can all do to make those around us and thereby ourselves, a little happier. Don't worry i know how presumptuous all that sounds but its just something i want to try mainly in order to think it all through myself. it may never see the light of day...

none of that has anything to do with reviewing crap movies in a comical fashion but maybe i'll get round to that at some point too