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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

hello =)

I was inspired to turn my talents to blogging after being inspired by the delightfully funny and sardonic ravings at

Whilst Sci-fi may not be everyone's cup of tea the author of these reviews is damn hope is to be half as funny but keep it to subjects with wider appeal. if you ever watched "voyager" check out some of his reviews...he gives credit where it's due but what is frequently required of him is to rip the piss, which he does with flair.

what i plan to put up here over the coming months are reviews of some of the most truly awful films i have ever seen or had inflicted on me. no offence is intended to any of the hardworking individuals involved in the creation of these monstrosities (unless they truly deserve it) we all have to make a living, it's just that not all of chooose to do so by making "Holllyoaks" or "Neighbours", or films like "Insanitarium" or the truly awful "Jurassic Park III".

As far as i'm concerned, those who earn a living making utter tripe like this are begging for it...

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